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what a stupid lamb?

like a lost moon

Isabella Sawn
5 April 1989
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bella swan
Bella Swann has lived most of her life in Arizona with her mother, Renee'. Until she say not other choice to allow her mother the happiness she deservec.
Who knew that in the "safest" town in the world where wasn't all about mystical creatures I sort of fall in love with. No lie.

Edward Cullen - The love my Life who I plan to spend eternity with. A vampire.
Jacob Black - My best friend, Werewolf
Alice Cullen - My other best friend, Edward's sister. Also Vampire.

FM, profile, layout codes.

Disclaimer: Bella Sawn is from the books Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. I am not Emily Browning or Stephanie Meyers.</cener>

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